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Sorry for being so slow with videos as of late, everyone. Grad school is sucking up a lot of my time.
I’m thinking about doing demo reels that highlight individual characters. It gives me a lot more time to explore the character and gives the audiences more chances to hear various deliveries.
Frieza is up first. Besides being my absolute favorite character to voice, he’s one the few characters where I have gotten to use an original take.
What characters would you like to hear in the their own reel? Let me know!

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    Okage: Radioplay

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 The results are finally in, folks!!!

I’d like to start by thanking everyone who auditioned! You guys rock!! And I really mean that.  We were completely blown away by the positive response we’ve gotten from everyone!!!

You will notice that there are 2 voice actors listed for each role; the understudy will get the role in the event that something happens and the other voice actor cannot fulfill their obligation for whatever reason. Generally speaking, the understudy chosen was the voice actor who placed second in the polls.   

Overshadowed put a sound bite together for all of you with all of the winning voices to refresh everyone’s memory!!!

We’ll be keeping everyone who did not land a role in mind, and anyone is interested is more than welcome to contribute their voices for the various  townsfolk and minor characters our heros will encounter on their journey!
Thanks again everyone!

Without further ado, here is the official Okage Radioplay cast for Chapters 1 & 2!!!

Ari - Mike “Eyesadrift” 
(Understudy: dominovox)

Stan - Girts
(Understudy skark)

Rosalyn - Overshadowed
(Understudy cosplay gamer)

Kisling -Skark
(Understudy zyggy567)

Annie – Summer Juliet
(Understudy cosplay gamer)

James - Girts
(Understudy cheery bread)

Block - majinboo0111
(Understudy Doctor Laser )

Father – Zyggy567
(Understudy skark)

Mother - Overshadowed
(Understudy Crazy cartoon)

Grandfather - dominovox
(Understudy zyggy567)

Grandmother - Cosplay gamer
(Understudy Crazy cartoon)

Maggie – Victoria A.
(Understudy Overshadowed)

Robert -  majinboo0111  
(Understudy Skark)

Dill – Zyggy567
(Understudy skark)

Toby - Overshadowed
(Understudy Zyggy567)

Julia - summer juliet
(Understudy overshadowed)

Fortune Teller – Wrim
(Understudy majinboo0111)

Sewer Evil King - Skark
(Understudy Zyggy567)

…ANNNNDDD…. Introducing Doctor Laser as your Narrator!

I gets to voice Evil King Stan and his butler named James.

I know nothing about this game, but the characters look hilarious.

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